Denise Greenwood

My work is about human imperfection in all it’s guises. I resent the package we are sold by much of media regarding a one-size-fits-all notion of beauty. Having grown up with a handicapped brother, I learned of the incredible beauty in imperfection. When we have young people with body image problems, with self-loathing and massive lack of self-confidence, this is a problem we need to address [THIS IS AN ISSUE I TRY TO ADDRESS THROUGH MY ART]. My question is, ‘what is beauty and what is perfection’? My message is ‘we get to decide’. My work is mostly play. Where I do work though, is in trying to explore that middle place where beautiful and grotesque, edgy and whimsical, dark and light converge. The place where they can answer each other in an honest conversation about perfection. I am constantly searching in this place, delving into this notion of imperfection as a way of satisfying my own curiosity. If I can likewise induce curiosity in some of the viewers of my work as I continue to investigate in this way, what could be better?